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Daily Encouragement for 4-5-2024

How are you managing your emotions? Emotional fitness is essential to a successful day and a fulfilled life. You can choose to play the victim or live a victorious life. Are you living a reactive life, or are you choosing to respond? Are you choosing gratefulness over fear? Are you in a selfish place or service-minded? Are you choosing resistance and defensiveness over a growth mindset? Assessing your situation and running it through a lens of productivity rather than a negative lens is much like working out. It isn’t easy at first, but eventually, it leads to a fulfilling whole life. Your joy is your job.

You can be a strong, courageous, creative, compassionate individual. Your emotions don’t have to own you. Chaos, pain, fear, anxiety, and disappointment are not a new concept, but you can learn how to navigate all negative emotions with an optimistic viewpoint. Learning to manage your emotions and the emotions of others is an integral part of your growth and an essential part of your success. Choose living today over avoiding a situation. Choose to walk in freedom over fear. Are you choosing engagement over avoidance? How are you dealing with your emotions? How are you dealing with others’ emotions? Are you evaluating your emotions? Have you considered scoring yourself? Measurements are an essential part of seeing your success. How will you develop this skill? An emotion is not who you are. It’s not your identity! It’s ok to have an emotion you don’t like. Life is not always easy, but you can learn how to navigate the negative emotions. Learning to manage your emotions will give you another level of freedom.  

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