John 15:5

On our updated menu, you’ll notice several newly added scripture verses. As time passes, I plan to delve into the significance of each of these verses to me. Today, I’d like to start with John 15:5, a verse that holds a special place in our hearts as it was the first one our daughter, Darden, memorized. Teaching children to commit scripture to memory is a powerful way to foster a connection with God and to internalize the valuable teachings and wisdom found within the Bible. It’s a beautiful means of imparting essential values and principles.
John 15:5 is a widely recognized verse that conveys, “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me, you can do nothing.” This verse underscores the importance of maintaining a solid connection with God, who is the source of spiritual nourishment and strength.
The profound healing and comforting power of scripture cannot be overstated. While people seek solace and guidance in various ways during challenging times, I personally find solace in the Bible during life’s most trying moments. I wanted to exemplify for Darden the transformative and healing nature of scripture. God’s word offers us a wellspring of hope, wisdom, and reassurance, reminding us that the world may fall short, but God’s guidance remains steadfast. It stands as a testament to the enduring impact of scripture in our lives, helping us navigate the trials of life.
Watching Darden memorize John 15:5 will always be one of my favorite mother-daughter moments. I treasured the days when I was given the opportunity to come beside her and do the hard things. It’s hard to human some days, and I don’t take the gift of being with her in the challenging moments for granted.

The Proverbs 31 Wife must have owned a restaurant.

Restaurant ownership is not for the faint of heart but a bold step out into the unknown. The day-to-day demands of the Goochland Restaurant drive me to my knees more often than I thought possible when I first began this journey. The remarkable woman, the Proverbs 31 wife, stands out for her ability to navigate entrepreneurship while embodying the virtues she holds dear. I never thought I would find myself as a restaurant owner. My only goal in this life was to become a wife and mother. I have managed to navigate the demanding world of entrepreneurship while staying faithful to what I always was called to be….a child of God, a wife, and a momma.

1. She is Trustworthy and Reliable
A Proverbs 31 wife is known for trustworthiness and reliability. I am in awe of the community’s trust in our restaurant. We are there to celebrate their joys, cry, and grieve with them during the sad seasons. We have lost some of our most precious friends to death but are thankful for the memories and time they shared with us. We have found ourselves as a friendly, safe spot for all sides of the political fence. Customers and staff need to know they can rely on me. I commit to quality and excellence in all things and all ways. I pray often over this community for many things, but I often plead with God to prune me. I need there to be less of me and more of Him. I want my reputation for delivering consistent, delectable dishes and maintaining a warm, welcoming atmosphere to reflect His great love. I want to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

2. She is Industrious and Diligent
The day-to-day operations take a significant amount of diligence. I need my restaurant family to be supported. I want to elevate them. I want to hear them and meet their needs to the best of my ability. Life is complex, and working in this industry takes work and dedication. The cook, for instance, is balancing dozens of different meals. He works hard to ensure each plate is beautiful and tasty. He realizes he is way more than a cook; he is helping make a memory or supporting a grieving family. The waitress or waiter is the face of the restaurant. The restaurant has only 36 seats, but they ensure each guest is supported to the best of their ability.
None of this happens by chance; it results from the team’s tireless work ethic. Each day, I do my best to approach the restaurant family diligently, inspiring my team to do their best. The restaurant is only open from 7-3, but my mornings begin before the sun has had a chance to stretch, and I work too late into the night. It is a blessing to be actively involved in every aspect of the restaurant’s operations and do my best to ensure everything runs smoothly.

3. She is a Nurturer and Provider
As a wife, mother, and restaurant owner, I juggle my roles as a nurturer and provider. It is a blessing to nurture my family with love and care while providing for their needs through the thriving restaurant. My ability to balance these roles is a testament to my unwavering commitment to the beautiful family God has blessed me with and a community I have loved for as long as I can remember.

4. She Displays Generosity and Compassion
The generosity that extends beyond my restaurant’s walls is purposefully kept quiet, and if it can not be kept quiet, I pray that it will be an encouragement and a blessing to others. Nothing is sweeter than the opportunity to love another person simply because you can. We are all known for something or another, and I want to be known for acts of kindness, whether donating surplus food to local charities or providing a warm meal to those in need. Every opportunity to share will leave an endless ripple effect for generations. I strive to have my compassion shine through in my interactions with staff and customers because creating a sense of community within my restaurant is extremely important.

5. She is Wise and Resourceful
In the ever-evolving restaurant industry, wisdom and resourcefulness are essential. I must make sound business decisions, adapt to changing market trends, and prudently manage the restaurant’s finances. The wonderful people who have chosen to serve the community beside me, creativity, and hard work have allowed the restaurant to thrive even in challenging times.

6. She Fears the Lord
Above all, any success as a restaurant owner and my admiration of Proverbs 31 virtues stems from my deep faith. My trust in God guides my actions, and I attribute any achievements to His grace and guidance. I strive to lead by example, showing that faith can be a driving force in both personal and professional life. In restaurant ownership, I dont want to be just a successful entrepreneur; I want to be a living testament to the timeless wisdom of the Proverbs 31 passage. My faith ultimately leads to my dedication to God, family, business, and community. The Proverbs 31 wife inspires me.

The Proverbs 31 wife demonstrates that the qualities of trustworthiness, diligence, generosity, and faith can be woven into the fabric of the business world. Her story reminds us that, with determination and faith, we can excel in our endeavors while upholding the virtues that matter most. So, the next time you dine at my restaurant, savor the delicious food and appreciate the warm hospitality; remember that behind it all is an incredible staff that loves you and a little ole me wondering if the Proverbs 31 wife owned a restaurant.

Friday Dinner is Back

UPDATE: We currently offer dinner service from 5 – 8 on Friday nights, come see us!

The good people of Goochland have been asking for this and we hear you. We took our time to select the right people and are hammering out the final details on a dedicated Dinner menu. Dinner service will be offered on Friday evenings starting at 5:00. As requested this will be homestyle country cooking. The new menu is not posted yet but It will include specials such as hamburger steak, grilled chicken, spaghetti pie, country fried steak, and more.

We have served dinner before and found some success with it in the past. It is our hope that our dedicated dinner menu and availability on high-demand nights will make it easier for us to serve this great community.

Thank you!

Did you read the feature about us in the Goochland Gazette?

We knew at some point the Goochland Gazette was going to get wind of new ownership at The Goochland Restaurant but we tried to lay low as long as possible to make sure we were ready to handle the traffic a feature like this would bring. When we did get that call we knew were ready and are excited to share the article with you. Thank you again, Goochland, for your continued support in our journey.

Read the article here: For a local eatery, a new start

Ice Cream & Coffee @ The Goochland Restaurant

Cool Cars, Cold Treats & Hot Coffee Cruise-In

If you are a fan of cool cars cold treats and hot coffee we have some exciting news for you. On select Evenings, thru the fall we will be hosting a cruise-in at our restaurant in the Goochland Courthouse Village.

In addition to serving Richlands Ice cream, Coffee, and of course Sodas during the event, our main kitchen is now OPEN and will be serving fry baskets with chicken tenders, sandwiches, and more. If you have a classic custom or just fun vehicle you would like to show off please bring it out and show it off.

The next event will be on Wednesday, September 28th from 2:00 – 5:00 pm at 2966 River Rd West, Goochland, VA, 23063

Meet the Unicorn behind the counter.

She likes to tell the story about the night we all sat on the kitchen floor as a family and talked over the pros and cons of buying The Goochland Restaurant. We had a plan, with the help of a good friend we would close the restaurant for a few days, make some changes and reopen it in time to serve our first breakfast on Goochland Day. Everything went well and with the grace, mercy, and patience of the people in Goochland the restaurant was operating well.

It became clear quickly tho that all the warnings of others were true, the restaurant business requires A LOT of time hands-on in-house and it was more than I could handle with my other business obligations. Even with a capable team at my side, it was clear we needed a dedicated manager. This was when my wife stepped up and took over.

This is a woman that parents with a grandmother’s flair and makes decisions with a child’s heart. The same holds true for how she runs a business. Anyone who has come thru the door of The Goochland Restaurant when she’s here will be able to tell you this is true. She took a team and made a family. Her energy, her love for the community, and her kindness have taken this restaurant from a simple extension of our kitchen table to a place where you can find friendship, hear laughter, and feel love.

Visit The Goochland Restaurant next time you get a chance and you just may meet Christine. If you see someone dressed up as a unicorn, that’s probably her. <3


I firmly believe that positive criticism is something to be treasured. The feedback from those who purposefully choose to spend time with us is a welcome addition that I never realized would be so useful while on this adventure. Each person that walks through the doors of the restaurant is a vital part of our day. Their very presence and the fact they chose to spend their time and money in our restaurant flatters me. I know firsthand that walking out of the front door is painful some days. Treating yourself when money does not stretch as it did a year ago has become a luxury. Humaning some days is just plain hard, and I never want to add to their day negatively. However, I have had to adjust my lens considering reviews. I must remember that even the worst reviews will teach us something valuable. I prompt myself to examine the review with a grateful heart rather than having a defensive spirit. It is peculiar to have the worst parts of your restaurant put on display with zero opportunity to make a situation correct; however, the reviews will keep us humble. The reviews are a tool to shape us. I look at where we were just 92 days ago, and I force myself to turn panic into a partnership with the negative reviews.

Pancakes, Bologna, and Eggs.

Richlands Ice Cream

Do you love hand-dipped ice cream? Would you love to see homemade-style fresh ice cream available in Goochland? Your wait is over. The Goochland Restaurant is excited to announce a partnership with Richlands Dairy Creamery to bring Goochland County the highest quality dairy products and delicious ice cream available.

Hand-dipped ice cream is available by the scoop or in our custom Sundays daily from 7 am to 2 pm.

Does the Goochland Restaurant have new owners?

As a guy who likes to eat, I was always on the lookout for a good spot to eat. After our family moved to Goochland Va it didn’t take long to find The Goochland Restaurant. It’s got a legitimate old-school cool that could only happen over decades of private ownership. Good food, friendly service, and legitimate “regulars” that come there every day. I found myself there almost daily and after a few months, I was invited to “the big table” as some in town have come to know it.

Sitting at the big table on a number of the quieter days the opportunity to purchase the restaurant was made. Each time the offer was declined as neither I nor any other member of my family had any restaurant experience. However, clearly, Millie saw something in my family I had not before so she persisted. After a few months and several meetings, a deal was made to purchase the building and the restaurant it contained. It was important to Millie that the building remained a Restaurant and one that continues a tradition that started over 70 years ago.

It’s hard to find a good place to eat. Even harder to find something local that’s not just another franchised chain. Our family has made it a mission to run this little restaurant as an extension of our own kitchen table. A place to meet, a place to laugh, and of course a place to eat good food at a fair price.

On May 5th, 2022, we closed on the property. We shut down for 48 hours to make some changes then reopened on May 7th, Goochland Day. This was a really neat day for us and I want to thank each and every one of our friends, many of whom traveled hours to spend time with us and support this new venture. 🥰

How to: Selecting the perfect wine

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