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Daily Encouragement for 4-4-2024

Good Morning! I’m writing to give you a bit of encouragement before your shift starts. Thank you for choosing to spend your time and sharing your talents at the Goochland Restaurant.

Think of today as a preparation for your best self tomorrow. Becoming your best for a future opportunity is much like working out. Who do you want to be today? How are you going to be purposeful with mental fitness? Everyone knows physical fitness is essential; however, mental wellness is just as necessary. How are you being in command of your mental fitness, or are you giving it away to meaningless drama? Are you living an entirely intentional life? Are you envisioning the future, or does useless and painful thinking trap you? Are you choosing to read a book or endlessly scrolling? You can condition yourself for anything. Will it be for positive or for good? How are you being creative? Are you owning your time or allowing intrusive thoughts to dictate your time? What are you going to teach your brain to do today? How are you labeling yourself? Everyone has the capacity for greatness, and you have to practice.
Consider brainstorming each day on how to be more positive, productive, and kind. Taming your thoughts is part of mental fitness. Thoughts are not evil, but are they true, accurate, and helpful, and will they productively push you? Take notice of your mental chatter. Choose to be happy. Your joy is your job. Be intentional about serving others. Be deliberate about using your mind to be satisfied. Mental fitness is essential for your success. Mental fitness allows you to get out of your mind. Are you generous? Mental fitness helps you be generous with others. What’s your mental fitness definition?

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