Meet the Unicorn behind the counter.

She likes to tell the story about the night we all sat on the kitchen floor as a family and talked over the pros and cons of buying The Goochland Restaurant. We had a plan, with the help of a good friend we would close the restaurant for a few days, make some changes and reopen it in time to serve our first breakfast on Goochland Day. Everything went well and with the grace, mercy, and patience of the people in Goochland the restaurant was operating well.

It became clear quickly tho that all the warnings of others were true, the restaurant business requires A LOT of time hands-on in-house and it was more than I could handle with my other business obligations. Even with a capable team at my side, it was clear we needed a dedicated manager. This was when my wife stepped up and took over.

This is a woman that parents with a grandmother’s flair and makes decisions with a child’s heart. The same holds true for how she runs a business. Anyone who has come thru the door of The Goochland Restaurant when she’s here will be able to tell you this is true. She took a team and made a family. Her energy, her love for the community, and her kindness have taken this restaurant from a simple extension of our kitchen table to a place where you can find friendship, hear laughter, and feel love.

Visit The Goochland Restaurant next time you get a chance and you just may meet Christine. If you see someone dressed up as a unicorn, that’s probably her. <3


  1. Mark on September 8, 2022 at 3:16 am

    Thanks for your blog, nice to read. Do not stop.

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