Daily Encouragement for 6-28-24

Greetings, team! I encourage you to keep writing your own story. Approach each situation, day, or struggle with compassion. You have been dedicated to your growth journey this month and are now seeing the results of a renewed mindset. You continue to shape a new outlook while breaking down barriers that once held you back. As you continue writing your story, I urge you to find ways to bring joy into your day. It’s all around you, and the entire team is here to support you. When things get tough, and some days they will, and your joy meter is running low, choose to spread joy to someone else. Acts of kindness can make a huge difference in someone’s day, and there are always opportunities around you to share love. Keep up the great work. Your achievements are not small; they are significant and worth celebrating. Remember, your happiness is your responsibility.

Daily Encouragement for 6-27-24

Hello Team! I hope you are having a wonderful week. Remember to smash those exercise goals and look for ways to volunteer this week. It’s only Thursday, and you still have time to share your time and talent outside the restaurant. Today, I want to discuss the vibe you bring to the room. You must choose the energy you will put out each day. This energy may need to be adjusted hourly, and then there are the days you must take each day by the minute.   Learning to respond rather than react takes time and patience. Emotions will come, and some days, it will feel like you are totally out of control, or the rug will feel ripped out from under you. That’s why it’s essential to build up your tools box, practice time and emotional management, and learn to breathe through the tough times. For today, I want you to observe the energy/vibe you bring to your day. Challenges are growth opportunities. Remember, your happiness is your responsibility. 

Daily Encouragement for 6-24-24

Hello team! Today is a great day to set your goals for the week. Each day is a new opportunity for a growth mindset, regardless of what is happening around you. Growing daily, even in an emotionally dry place, takes courage. Life can and will stop you in your tracks with no warning. That is why it is essential to build up your emotional toolbox so you can be ready to use the tools when going through the dry seasons of your life. But remember, you are not alone in this journey. Your community is here for you, especially during the dry season. I want to focus on internal anxiety today. Internal anxiety is a thief, and it will cause you to disconnect, disengage, and steal your joy. Anxiety can make your very bones feel dry. It can make you feel as if you are suffocating. I am a woman of faith, and at these times, I lean on scripture and prayer to help me through these seasons. I respect and understand that each of you has your own belief system, and regardless of where you are in it, you are not alone. You have community and have been working daily on your mind, body, and spirit. You don’t need to choose to let your right now dictate your outcome. Remember, your happiness is your responsibility.

Daily Encouragement for 6-21-24

Hello Team! How has your week been? How is your renewal mindset going? Have you made significant progress toward your weekly goals? How are you managing your time and the resources available to you? Are you making exercise a priority? Did you ask for help this week? Not only are you helping yourself by asking for help, but you are building a community to empower you, and in return, you can help others who may be struggling. How are you managing your emotional responses to the day-to-day struggles and victories? Have you stepped out of your comfort zone and engaged in new activities? Are you choosing to bring fun into your life each day? Each day is a new opportunity to start fresh and choose renewal and growth. Remember, your happiness is your responsibility.

Daily Encouragement for 6-20-24

Hello Team! Today, I want to talk about the power each of you holds to shape your own happiness. I encourage you to imagine the person you want to be each day you wake up. As we continue through our month of growth and renewal, I want you to get creative about how you will meet your goals.   Each morning is a fresh opportunity to start anew. Remember, regardless of where you are, you can choose your attitude and response. Envision the person you want to be and map out a plan to achieve that goal. Consider the emotional, physical, and mental aspects when constructing a plan to propel you to the next level. You are a unique and wonderful individual. Your past does not dictate your present and certainly does not have to shape your future. You are only stuck if you choose to be.   I see each of you growing and handling obstacles with finesse. Keep up the excellent work, and thank you for choosing our team to share your time and talents. Remember, your happiness is your responsibility.  

Daily Encouragement for 6-18-24

Good morning, team! I want to remind you of the importance of asking for help. Each of you has been working on changing the trajectory of your life, constructing a plan to push the needle forward just 1%. But have you considered the impact of asking for help for personal and professional growth? You have been setting big goals for yourself. Allow someone to walk beside you, helping you achieve those goals and contributing to your success. Countless networking groups, mental health tools, and friends are available to help you succeed. Keep your momentum this week. Keep choosing growth. Remember, your happiness is your responsibility.

Daily Encouragement for 6-17-24

Happy Monday! I am so grateful to begin my week with you all. I hope you had a moment to set up your goals for the week yesterday. Seeing more of you choosing to carve time out for fitness and sharing your time volunteering was such a blessing. Your personal growth not only benefits you but also our team, family, and community. I am so thankful to be a part of watching you choose to grow. As we continue our series on growth and renewal, I want to talk about comparison. You are running your own race. Not anyone else’s. As long as you continue moving forward each day, you will change the trajectory of your life and those around you. You are choosing not to be stuck.   Comparison is the thief of joy. Renewing, revitalizing, and reconstructing your life takes immense courage. Choose to be authentic. There is only one special you, and you were created for a great purpose. Remember, your happiness is your responsibility.

Daily Encouragement for 6-16-24

Good morning, team! Today, let’s embark on a journey to understand our emotions. Emotions are a beautiful gift, not the situation or the person you are. Each of us is unique, and our unique personalities give us emotions. Learning how to examine your emotional response is essential, rather than allowing emotions to define who you are and dictate your day. Stepping back from an emotional response takes practice and patience. Choosing to respond rather than react is a challenge, but it’s a challenge that becomes easier when you embrace a growth mentality each day. Remember, choosing a growth mindset is not just a suggestion; it’s a necessity. As you begin each of your shifts, step into the shift with a growth mindset, and as you close your day, allow the day to renew you rather than destroy you. Each moment that we have is an opportunity to grow and learn. Even the hard days bring a gift of opportunity, understanding, and possibly a different lens.   Remember, your happiness is your responsibility.  

Daily Encouragement for 6-14-24

Good morning, team! It’s Friday, and I hope you’ve had a fantastic week. Take a moment to reflect on your personal journey this week. Each day came with its own set of challenges and wins, and you pushed through them, striving and thriving. Your lows didn’t define you; they only motivated you to continue pushing the needle just 1% more. It takes courage to keep going when everything seems bleak, and you’ve shown that courage!   How are you doing with your fitness goals? Are you managing to get in at least three hours a week? Have you found time to volunteer? Remember, taking care of your mind and body is paramount to your success. Let me know about your progress by Sunday. I’m cheering you on and so grateful for each of your lives. Thank you for sharing your time and talents with our team, our family, and the community we adore.  Remember, your happiness is your responsibility, and I am here to support you.  

Daily Encouragement for 6-9-24

Good morning, team! It’s the beginning of a new week, a chance for us to focus on the present and leave behind any past challenges. Each one of you is an integral part of our team, and your contributions are deeply valued. Thank you for consistently bringing your best self to work. Your time and talents are not just shared with a team, but with a community that I deeply cherish. Take some time today to set goals for the week, and remember, your happiness is a responsibility we all share.