I firmly believe that positive criticism is something to be treasured. The feedback from those who purposefully choose to spend time with us is a welcome addition that I never realized would be so useful while on this adventure. Each person that walks through the doors of the restaurant is a vital part of our day. Their very presence and the fact they chose to spend their time and money in our restaurant flatters me. I know firsthand that walking out of the front door is painful some days. Treating yourself when money does not stretch as it did a year ago has become a luxury. Humaning some days is just plain hard, and I never want to add to their day negatively. However, I have had to adjust my lens considering reviews. I must remember that even the worst reviews will teach us something valuable. I prompt myself to examine the review with a grateful heart rather than having a defensive spirit. It is peculiar to have the worst parts of your restaurant put on display with zero opportunity to make a situation correct; however, the reviews will keep us humble. The reviews are a tool to shape us. I look at where we were just 92 days ago, and I force myself to turn panic into a partnership with the negative reviews.

Pancakes, Bologna, and Eggs.

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