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Daily Encouragement for 7-2-24

Love is our next focus. I can not express enough the importance of self-love and choosing love over hate. It’s a powerful choice that empowers us and puts us in control of our emotions. Love is one of my favorite topics. To love and have the privilege of being loved is the greatest joy on earth. I know you often hear me say, “Go love on someone today.” It’s so true. Love changes everything. Cherish your relationships, reach out to loved ones, and be open to forming new bonds. We all need to feel accepted and valued by others. You can change your day by simply showing love to another person. Sometimes, the best way to put a smile on your face is to do random acts of kindness purposefully. Pick up the phone and call someone you last talked to a year ago. Send a text to someone you have been waiting to hear from for six months. You have so much to offer to others. You are precious, treasured, respected, and adored. I am so thankful you share your time and talents with the team, community, and our family each day. Remember, you can choose to love others by volunteering outside the restaurant. If you need to brainstorm ideas for our community’s needs, I am ready and available to help you. Remember, your happiness is your responsibility.

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