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Daily Encouragement for 7-1-24

This month, our focus is on our five basic needs. Research has shown that these needs are Safety, love, belonging, esteem, and self-actualization. We’ll start by discussing Safety. Safety is a critical need that you must learn to fulfill on your own. Each day presents challenges, but if you can establish a solid foundation when you feel unsafe, you can always return to that center of peace, regardless of life’s ups and downs. Surrounding yourself with supportive people, using your tools to create a safe environment, and planning for the future are all crucial. Your inner circle plays a significant role in your success. The tools you practice daily will help create a secure environment, so when the days are prolonged and unexpected challenges arise, you can return to that center place. Ask yourself the tough questions. Are you hungry? How have you slept? Are you hydrated? Have you meditated lately? Have you exercised? Be curious about yourself. This curiosity is what allows you to explore and grow. Remember, your happiness is your responsibility.

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