the goochland restaurant

"Kids" Menu

We understand that not all "kids" are young and not all youngsters have small appetites. For this reason, many items on our "kids" menu come in two sizes. 

The Route 6 hubcap.

A single pancake with a sausage patty perfectly placed in the center served with syrup and butter.

Small (regular pancake) $4.95

Large (plate-sized pancake) $6.95

The Barnyard Critters Platter. 

Meat candy served with scrambled cackle fruit and a cow patty. 

Small (one piece of bacon, one egg, and one sausage patty) $5.95

Large (two pieces of bacon, two eggs, and one sausage patty) $8.65

The Paul Walker. 

Tuna on white with no crust. Ask for it toasted! Served with route 11 chips. $7.65