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Daily Encouragement for 6-27-24

Hello Team! I hope you are having a wonderful week. Remember to smash those exercise goals and look for ways to volunteer this week. It’s only Thursday, and you still have time to share your time and talent outside the restaurant. Today, I want to discuss the vibe you bring to the room. You must choose the energy you will put out each day. This energy may need to be adjusted hourly, and then there are the days you must take each day by the minute.   Learning to respond rather than react takes time and patience. Emotions will come, and some days, it will feel like you are totally out of control, or the rug will feel ripped out from under you. That’s why it’s essential to build up your tools box, practice time and emotional management, and learn to breathe through the tough times. For today, I want you to observe the energy/vibe you bring to your day. Challenges are growth opportunities. Remember, your happiness is your responsibility. 

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