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Daily Encouragement for 6-14-24

Good morning, team! It’s Friday, and I hope you’ve had a fantastic week. Take a moment to reflect on your personal journey this week. Each day came with its own set of challenges and wins, and you pushed through them, striving and thriving. Your lows didn’t define you; they only motivated you to continue pushing the needle just 1% more. It takes courage to keep going when everything seems bleak, and you’ve shown that courage!   How are you doing with your fitness goals? Are you managing to get in at least three hours a week? Have you found time to volunteer? Remember, taking care of your mind and body is paramount to your success. Let me know about your progress by Sunday. I’m cheering you on and so grateful for each of your lives. Thank you for sharing your time and talents with our team, our family, and the community we adore.  Remember, your happiness is your responsibility, and I am here to support you.  

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