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Daily Encouragement for 4-8-2024

Today, I want to talk about the importance of sleep and how it impacts your brain.
 Have you ever heard of circadian rhythm health? Circadian rhythm is your body’s natural internal clock. This intricate system influences sleep-wake patterns, hormone release, metabolism, and cognitive function. Since this month is all about mental exercise, I wanted to bring up circadian rhythm health because it’s the very foundation of health and wellness physically, emotionally, and mentally. I encouraged each of you to exercise at least three times a week because regular exercise will change the trajectory of your circadian rhythm. When you are physically active, you synchronize your internal clock. When your internal clock is in sync, your body is ready to get a restful night’s sleep.

It’s super important to be mindful when you’re exercising. I use something called the 321 rule. I don’t eat 3 hours before bed. I don’t exercise 2 hours before bed, and I do my best to stay off the computer or my phone 1 hour before bed. When my circadian rhythm is disrupted, I need to look at how disciplined I am with the 3 2 1 rule I set for myself. Try the 3 2 1 rule. Consider taking baby steps and starting with not eating 3 hours before bed. All of that was super difficult for me initially, but with time, I stacked habits supporting circadian rhythm health and wellness. In addition to eating at the right time before bed, exercising at least 2 hours before bed, and putting away all screens 1 hour before bed, I encourage each of you to get outside first thing in the morning. Morning sunlight helps reset your body’s internal clock. I keep a light at the restaurant that is available to each of you. It’s in the drawer and available for 5 minutes in the morning. Isn’t it incredible that our bodies do not need more than 5 minutes of purposeful light in the morning to make such a huge difference in our sleep at night? When I wasn’t disciplined with my circadian rhythm health, I found this tool helpful and wanted to make sure it was available to each team member.
I am so proud of you for making small steps towards a healthy brain and a healthy you. Your joy is your job. I know you hear me say it all the time. Continue moving that needle just 1%. Do the next thing. Take an inventory of what you’re prioritizing today. Today is a great day to start a new mindset.

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