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Daily Encouragement for 4-12-2024

This month, we have focused on managing our emotions, creating a structured plan to manage emotions, cultivating mindfulness throughout the day, pausing in our day, preparing for the day, the importance of sleep, and warming up before the day begins. It’s time to choose the class you want to attend at the mental gym. Choose who you will be today. Remember the liberating power of choice as you step into a new day brimming with possibilities and hurdles. Your past experiences or circumstances do not hold the reins. You have the freedom to decide who you want to be, not just now but throughout the day. Purposefully choose to set intentions for the day ahead, envisioning the person you aspire to be. Whether it’s kindness, resilience, or creativity, remind yourself that you can cultivate these qualities. Choosing the mental class or intention for the day will help you remain mindful of thoughts, words, and actions. Each choice allows you to align yourself with the person you want to become. When faced with challenges or difficult emotions, remember your chosen program and draw upon your inner strength and resilience to respond with grace and compassion. Scanning the list of programs or classes available at the mental gym is an opportunity to grow or stretch yourself. Each class is an opportunity to see if this is the proper regime for your success. Who you want to be is not a one-time decision but an ongoing practice. It requires self-awareness, intentionality, and a willingness to grow and evolve. Each day presents new opportunities for self-discovery and personal growth, which is why there are so many roads to success. I encourage you to embrace them wholeheartedly. Investing in mentally perusing the gym schedule and finding the class that suits your level and schedule takes courage. Integrating this choice into your mindset of becoming the person you aspire to be today is hard work. You will build up stamina and soon be reflecting on your preferences and actions with kindness and curiosity. This is a skill that requires daily practice. Remember, your happiness is your responsibility.

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